Monday, August 18, 2008

This is from another teacher's blog:
35 Things I Love About the Beginning of School

I love summer. I especially love sleeping late, piddling on my computer, spending time with my family, and having time to think, play, and learn things I’ve put off all year. Today, it occurred to me that I also love starting school. Here are a few things that I relish every year about this time …

1. School floors that shine like glass.----we have carpet
2. The smell of crayons.
3. Sharing family reunion style hugs with staff after break.
4. The smell of new textbooks.
5. Meeting new staff members.
6. Hokey ice breakers at opening staff meeting.--- I don't like this
7. New desk calendar.---still have months left over from last year
8. Watching the neckties surface for Open House.
9. Helping a new student read his schedule.
10. Showing off new library books.
11. PTSA breakfast spread.
12. My tidy, beginning of the year, desk.---if I could FIND my desk
13. Seeing the horizon as a bright palette for new opportunities.
14. Helping a novice teacher set up her first classroom.---if I ever get mine done
15. Watching kids get excited about middle school.---or third grade
16. Showing a sixth grader how to work a combination lock.---NA
17. Putting new pictures on my desk
18. Eating lunch out with coworkers on teacher workdays.---there's time for this?
19. Setting up new book displays and bulletin boards.---yuck
20. A full jar of chocolate.---well, of course
21. New, fancy-shmancy school supplies they “didn’t have when I was little.”
22. The squeek of new shoes in the hallway.---the sound of flip flops
23. Watching kids riveted by their new teachers.---because they are almost their age
24. Checking out the new features of this year’s backpacks.
25. Noticing how tall the 7th and 8th graders look after two short months.
26. The return of tater tots.
27. Having an excuse to wear my “teacher jewelry.”
28. Chocolate milk!
29. The blinking lights of school buses at dawn.
30. Engaging training that’s filled with great ideas.
31. Watching peers get excited about changes and new opportunities.
32. Finding the perfect ink pen and flashdrive.
33. Orderly, “beginning of the year,” hall behavior.
34. A fresh start.
35. Hmm…. I’ll leave this one blank. Feel free to add your favorite in the comments as my #35.

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