Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Going to Do It

Okay, with Meg Griffin's help (I hope) I'm going to try a blog with my kids. It will be in class as a center. We'll see how it goes.

Did Wii Fit for 35 minutes this morning, concentrating on aerobics and balance. Now time for lunch. Not doing much as I am saving $ for a week in Ocean City. I'm so excited that Dottie asked me to come and I'm staying for a few days. Next week I'll work on my classroom after a workshop with Beth Asbury.

Finished my first day of school list, now on to day two. Wish I could have the entire year set out. I'll work on math tonight.

I got a e-mail from Tom who MIGHT consider letting me have my wiki back. At least it's a maybe.

Got all the postcards written; now have to mail them. One student put in my class, one out. Guess I wasn't "motherly" enough for him.

off to work on math for the week.

Eating popcorn...not good...the popcorn is good, but I should be having something with protein.

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