Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ten Things

Sounds kind of like the Bucket List, but a good reflective piece. Thanks, Meg, for tagging me.

1. I would like to have my grandparents' house back in Florida. The older generation could not decide how to "divide it" so they sold it. I loved that house. It is 76 steps away from the water, in a lovely part of Palm Beach, and just has so many fantastic memories. Barring that, I would like a house of my own at the shore. Something that would always be there for me whenever I wanted to escape. I won't have to rent it, worry about it, just have it.

2. I would like to be and stay a healthy weight for more than a month. No more yoyo dieting, no more gaining and losing, just staying the same weight for the rest of my life.

3. I would like to be a runner. Every time I try to run, the back of my legs hurt so badly, I have to stop. It doesn't matter how much I weight or what I run on, it always happens. I'd like to be able to run for miles and not hurt.

4. I want to be able to travel...with other people...or by myself. Usually I travel by myself since my friends have families and travel with them. The person I would LIKE to travel with HATES to fly and loves his home. He'd rather stay home. I'd rather seek and learn new things. So far I have been to four of the seven continents. I'd like to add at least two more.

5. I would like my house to be clutter free and everything working. Windows, electric outlet, rugs everything.

6. I would like for my parents to have to worry about us...even for a day...It always seems that they are worried about my brother or myself and not enjoying life the way I wish they would.

7. Writing is something I want to do. Putting together a book of great teaching practices is something I CAN do.

8. I would like to see the pyramids of Egypt.

9. Going back to Australia and Venice are two places I would to go.

10. Finding love from a man who understand and cherishes me would be the ultimate.
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The reason I chose this one is because Mrs.Flora mentioned there were EAGLE fans in her life. She could be one of us!!!