Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Member of Our Family

Last night I went on line to and noticed the classified section on the lower right. Never saw it before. So there was a golden available in Vineland, NJ. Now I was going to Vineland today because Jeff is there with a huge tennis tournament. I told the lady I'd be interested and contact me this morning, which she did. Her name was Tracie (close enough to Stacy) and said that her husband had collies and a new puppy and this dog, although they have had her for almost four years, wasn't getting along with the collie so the husband said the golden had to go. I told her I only knew one road in Vineland, Brewster Ave (high school is on it). She told me she was about five blocks on the same street away from high school. And then she told me the dog was free FREE! As long as it was going to a good home. I said I'd come down to check her out.

So I drove to my parents to pick up the leash, thinking no one was home...and of course Dad was so I had to sneak it out of the house. I wasn't going to subject him to a 40 minute drive and be disappointed. So, got there and it was a farm...horses, dogs all over, but when I saw the golden, well, I knew. We talked for a bit, the dog, whose name is (was) Sunny came up to me, got right in my car. The mom and daughter were crying pretty badly. The husband and son never came out to say goodbye.

I took her to the tennis matches to make sure she was good around people and especially men...and she was. Even Jeff was okay with her. One of my friends said if Mom or Dad didn't want her to bring her to her and she'd take he on the spot.

The ride home was fine. I got lost, Sunny didn't get sick and I made it home just after Mom and Dad went to the football game. Their neighbor Pam was outside with her dog and told me she was headed to our church, so after a brief pit stop, back in the car again and off to Grace Episcopal where FrPat was doing a blessing o the animals. Tons of dogs, a cat, a rabbit and a turtle. Sunny was great. She kept to my side, didn't bark and was just mellow with the whole thing. She got her blessing (I did,too, just in case) and then came home to find Evans there.

Of course he told me she was too short, too fat (kind of fits in our family), not athletic, but I did notice after a while he was all over her. She will need lots of walks, which will be Dad's happy job, and a good diet, and she is short, but Dad doesn't need an over-energetic dog.

So then I waited for them to come home. We were sitting at the top of the steps when Dad came in. He looked up and said, "Who is that?" when I told him it was for him, he started crying. He admitted he had given up any hope until spring of finding a dog. I was so happy for him. It took a bit but eventually she went to him and now of course won't leave his side. Mom has decided she likes JESSIE rather than Sunny and I have to agree. She's yet to name a dog yet, so she gets this one. I feel a little bad for her because it's been a nice seven months for her not hearing "We have to go home because of the dog" or "We can't go because of the dog". So, I made Dad happy...Mom is, but still....her friend, Dottie is over there now so I guess things are okay. is that for the LONG version of how my day went?????

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