Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apparitions Appear in Room 15

Here is what I remember:

Cheesecloth, about half a two feet per child, fold in half
Balloons....small round ones or sausage ones, but don't blow them up all the way.
Cup to place balls in. We used tennis balls for the small round ones so they'd be higher up in the cup
Small square of foam to write name
Marker to write name
Glue....we used Elmers. Two parts glue to two parts water...put in plastic bowls
Wax paper to put on desks
Ribbon for hanging
Felt for mouth
Paper towels

First have the kids make their name on the small square of foam. On the other side
They can can put a Halloween word. Use glue to put toothpick on name side.

Place waxed paper on table. Place cut on waxed paper. Place BLOWN up balloon in cup.

Have child scrunch up cheesecloth and place in glue. Squeeze out excess glue. Unfold cheesecloth best they can and drape over balloon, spreading out cheesecloth over balloon and making the bottom flow out. Some may reach the wax paper (they are the standing ones..usually the smaller balloons). The others may NOT reach the wax paper...they are the flying ones.

Attach Google eyes and cut out mouth from small scrapes of felt. Press on. There should be enough glue for the eyes on mouth.

Allow to sit overnight, if possible.

Next day, puncture balloons with pin. Attach name tag by putting toothpick through cheesecloth.

Run string through cheesecloth to hang.

I actually have video of this but I left the camera at school (of course).

Hope this makes sense.

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