Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's still THE DAY Before

It's the day before the kids come to school. The day before energy comes into the school. The day before my New Year really starts. Some believe this day is the day staff comes into the building, but that was yesterday. That day was a restful day for me, almost boring, as I sat for two hours listening to policy and rules again....and again. Two hours of no break, asking myself why, when we as teachers don't promote violence or bullying, we have a picture of a boxing match in the faculty room. Going out for lunch, the last time we'll be able to have a grown up lunch without rushing until our next in-service (since we don't get food anymore for any school sponsored meetings), sitting with my student teacher going over things with her. It's delightful to see how excited she is about meeting the kids for the first time. The tinge of fear in her voice that she'll be able to do this...and she will. She's worked with autistic kids for two years, is wonderfully enthusiastic, and hopefully, more than I am, organized.

It's the day before the sleepless night, the day before I'll have afternoons to run to watch high school tennis matches and get there on time. It's the day before I get to see "my" kids.

But, I am making it THE day that I realize I need to take better care of myself. Making arrangements to do things OUTSIDE of school, whether it be playing tennis once or twice a week, or meeting with friends outside of the the faculty friends I have, making time for family and loved ones (who sometimes forget to make time for me)....this is important. Last night I was able to get to a tennis match and play tennis and do yoga before going to sleep. These are all important, not just to me, but to my students as well for me to be a more rounded, more at peace person with myself.

This is also the day to STAND UP for what I believe will be good in education. To NOT sit for two hours and be lectured, to stand up for sites that should not be blocked in my school so my students can get the practice they need and information they should receive.

This is also the day to to make contacts with those in the administration office who promise to come and work with my students. Those that say, "Invite me into the classroom, I want to be there." Well, okay, come on in.

My universal advice today is:
Even when the earth suddenly shakes, tides unexpectedly surge, and all hope seems lost, in the split second that follows I have a brand new plan, I know what we'll do, and I've got the pedal to the metal.

This is the all make it the best I can make it as it won't be here again tomorrow. That will be another THE DAY

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