Monday, September 1, 2008

The Day Before

I am constantly amazed at the writing of some of the people I have "met" this year. It is incredible. But what I figured out is that they TAKE THE TIME to write in their blogs. They put it on their calendar and update more than once "whenever they think about it." Good writing takes practice. It's not a hit or miss thing. While it may not be an every day occurrence, days should not go by without some sort of reading and writing the written word. Of course we couldn't go a day without reading...just not possible...but I bet people could go a day without writing...and that would be sad.

Of course I'm off topic. I was originally going to write about the day before school starts. Not the day with students, that IS the actual day, but the day of meetings and getting the room together. I can't believe that anyone doesn't spend days and days getting their room together. Mine is all done, with Nancy, my student teacher's help. I know that tomorrow will be spent in long meetings and new policies and talk, talk, talking. But at least I have a school to go to.

In Louisiana, there is yet ANOTHER hurricane. It's name is Gustuv and it was predicted to be as bad as Katrina, the disaster of three years ago. The weather and news channels are making something out of everything (flying tree branches and chairs at pools being blown around), and it is serious. Serious for the thousands of people who had to leave New Orleans, for the thousands of children who had to be uprooted yet again in their young lives. I can't imagine the mental anguish these people are going through. Levys may break, barges become loose, all of these things can cause so much flooding in this at sea level city. New Orleans' water is also the sight of many oil riggs which means higher oil prices for everyone in the country.

It also affected the Republican National Convention. It was supposed to start today, and it will, but without the fanfare the Democratic Convention had. John McCain will be presidential candidate and Alaska's governor, Sarah Palin the VP candidate. They will be running against Barack Obama and Joe Biden, senator from Delaware. It is a historic race as Obama is the first African American to run for President, and, if the Republicans win, Palin will be the first woman VPresident. It will be an interesting two and a half months.

So, these are things happening the "day before". The reading of blogs, the anticipation of school opening, the hurricane, and the political race. Oh, and it's a gorgeous day here in THAT is important.

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Curtis Webster said...

You've demonstrated another reason that it's important to "TAKE THE TIME" to write. Writing regularly helps us stop and appreciate the world around us. Today, historic presidential elections, devastating weather conditions, and preparing for the first day of school. Tomorrow brings new events, challenges, and memories that pass before as a fleeting moment if we don't pause to capture them. By writing about what we experience, we create a connection that allows us to revisit yesterday's moments. We gain perspective of our world and perhaps more importantly, of ourselves.