Monday, September 15, 2008

Be the Best You Can Be by Kirby Puckett

1. If you believe in yourself, really believe in yourself, you will succeed.
2. To be the best you have to practice.
3. When you feel pressured to do wrong, stand up for what is right.
4. Be responsible for yourself.
5. When things go wrong, you have to keep going in life.
6. Like yourself just the way you are.
7. Find out what your gift or talent is and do it.
8. To be the best that you can be you have to have confidence. Never be a quitter to something that is really important.
9. Know that you can change and learn from your mistakes.
10. You CAN do anything.
11. Try new things.
12. Be honest; be kind
13. Good friends, family, and reaching out to others is more important than money, awards, and titles.

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