Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History Has Been Made

CNN projects that Sen. Barack Obama has won election as the next president of the United States.

It's 11:06 and ABC and the rest of the news stations have just "called" the election for Barack Obama, the first African-American to ever be elected president of the United States. It is Tuesday night and it is the big story around the country, around the world. Obama will be addressing the crowd in Chicago, his home state tonight. Everyone is calling this a historic event, saying that men and women are crying saying they would never have thought that an African-American could ever be president of the United States.

"America will never view it self the same way again, and the world will never view America the same way again."

Many of the African-American reporters can hardly talk..it is so emotional for them.

John McCain is an honorable man. He served his country both politically and militarily. How proud his family must be of him to have done so much for the country. He is so inspiring to people of all races, of all ages. His concession speech was very well done.

So now it will be interesting to see what happens next. There are many questions, many hopes, many fears associated with this election. The next chapter is to soon to be written and read by the world.


Mrs. Holder said...

I agree with your comments completely. I pray now for the country to "handle" all the changes that have been promised. Living in the South. I fear not all will be easy.

stacykasse said...

Thank you for your comment. As it has been said, We live in interesting times.