Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1

Hard to believe it's a new month already. October flew by and November promises to do the same. Here is just a few things that are ahead:
a two day teaching week this week
one inservice day this week
trip to Atlantic City for more inservice on Thursday
National Education Week
report cards to be done
end of my time with my student teacher

and then it's December

Like everyone else, time flies around this time of year, especially teachers.

We have a new idea for Grandparents' Day. We are trying to find grandparents who can not make it to the school that day and have them set up a Skype account and see if they have a web cam. Then, on that day, we will "broadcast" to them. I have no idea how I plan on doing this, but with the help of my PLN, Plurk, I'm hoping to figure it out.

I also feel we can use the web cam for students who may be absent. They can "tune in" to the classroom to find out what they are missing. I remember when I was younger and read books about Australia, that this is the way kids in the outback would learn...but over radio.

So, lots of things to do this November, especially keeping up with a blog, a challenge I am taking on along with others, to make our blogs better. Today I added my picture and blogged. That's a step in the right direction.

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